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In this e-training, you will learn how to make digital sales meetings and increase your sales efficiency:

  • – Why digital sales meetings is more efficient
  • – How to plan and book a digital sales meeting
  • – How to prepare for a digital sales meeting
  • – Various programs for digital sales meetings, as well as pros and cons
  • – How to make a sales pitch at a digital sales meeting
  • – How to ask questions about needs at a digital sales meeting
  • – How to plan the next step
  • – How to summarize a meeting
  • – LinkedIn – profile

The e-training includes templates, texted videos and a quiz.

The first step for you will be to fill out the form on this page. After that, you will receive links to both a skill survey and your digital education – e-training.

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Sales Makeover hjälper dig och din organisation att öka er försäljning.

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