Negotiation training for Estonian Chamber of Commerce / Defence Cluster

Hi and welcome to negotiation training with Sales Makeover (partner of Richardson sales performance).


Objectives of the training

– Be able to plan, prepare, execute and create a positive outcome of complex negotiations

– Have a clear negotiation roadmap for tender bids

– Master the 5 competitive sales strategies for winning in competition

– Have tools for building trust & relations 

– Be able to ask consultative and engaging questions in a sales/negotiation process / meeting

– Attract and qualify prospetcs on a tradeshow


Skills assessment and the sales compass
First step for you is to fill out this form and you will receive a link to a skills assessment. We have identified 24 sales skills that are critical to success as a solution seller. These sales skills are based on professional customers buying behavior and buying process, IT support for buyers and sellers and also new sales methods. After the skills assessment take a look at the video about the sales compass. That’s a tool we’re going to talk a lot more about later on.


Sales Makeover hjälper dig och din organisation att öka er försäljning.

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